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Summer Already!?

SO MUCH is going on! I can't believe the year is already just about half over! THAT means... if you haven't started on your financial lifestyle changes to reduce your taxes for 2023, you NEED to get on it! Seriously, there is so much savings to be had and gives you the step-by-step how to with template downloads to help you easily manage saving thousands! That's your motherly lecture for now!


I am so excited to offer payment plans for the full 6.5 hour class PLUS offer Lesson 1 FREE. I know it's hard to tell you to learn how to SAVE money while asking you to pay money but let me tell you, you WILL get so much more value out of the Personal Financial

Savings for Anyone course.... many times more than the $99 fee. AND, if you follow the course strategy and recommendations, it's tax deductible!!!


The next thing I am so excited to have found and explored in May was the Shopmium App! You have to check this out! Let me just give you 2 words: INSTANT REWARDS. Yes. I love all of the apps that return cash or points that add up for additional savings, but Shopmium rebates you within 24 hours (they say 48 hours, but I have literally gotten most of mine the next day!) right to your PayPal account. I will tell you I was shocked and giddy! I got $35 back since I started using the Shopmium app May 10 straight into my PayPal. Go NOW to your app store and download Shopmium to start using. Checkout my Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook pages and see how much I got back savings 51% on my groceries this week!


The last thing I am very thrilled to be getting ready to announce is the launch of The Doris Foundation. This is a family mission and as soon as I have imaging from my daughter, we will officially launch during June. As some of you have already learned in the Financial Savings course, helping others is near and dear to my heart.... particularly those who find themselves in financial circumstances of either being reliant on SNAP or just not able to afford the non-food essentials we all need such as personal care, laundry, feminine, over-the-counter medicines, cleaning, pet and other products that SNAP does not cover and is rarely available in Food Pantries. I believe strongly having been in these situations a couple of times in my life that this is so badly overlooked and such great need. That alone is what moved me to teach the portion of Personal Financial Savings for the win-win-win benefit of deep discount/extreme coupon shopping for such items (WIN! for discounts) for the purpose of donating to Food Banks, Shelters, etc (WIN! for those in need) and show you how to deduct the Full Market Value rather than what you paid as a Charitable Deduction (WIN! for tax savings).

The Doris Foundation has been generously founded as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization by my father's trust and is named after my grandmother, who had a heart of gold and cared for anyone. This foundation will take the deep discount/extreme coupon shopping for donations and Full Market Value charitable deduction portion of Personal Savings and make it available to churches, social and community service organizations for donations to help share this valuable information with others in effort to motivate a strong grassroots effort to help those in need with these essential items that can't be covered by government aid and usually difficult to afford. Doing so helps provide dignity and self worth back to those in need to avoid stress and worry about the cost of personal grooming, clean clothing and homes, and even hopefully helping them keep pets within the family who may be providing the emotional support to themselves or their children during difficult times.

I invite you to follow us unfold The Doris Foundation, and encourage you to remember this mission for those in need with hearts full of Love and Grace.

May everyone have a wonderful and blessed start of summer. Happy Father's Day to all of the father's, grandfathers, and "acting fathers" out there!

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