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End of School Year - Time to UpCycle

Ahhhh.... the end of the school year. Kiddos are counting down the days, teachers are DONE done done, and many kids and parents are feeling like Christmas Eve with visions of sugarplums and vacations dancing in their head having the kids at home --- that goes away after about 3 days, though, right? HA!

But first, go through those school supplies coming back home, including backpacks! Save what you can for next year or the next child! Seriously, it's not CHEAP. Yes, the kids want "all new" supplies when they start a brand new school year, and they'll get some. But, some of what's coming home can be reused next year and I don't mean just the calculators. Find a box or tote bag and keep what you can. Even if there are items that your kids won't use next year, these items can be donated to schools for kids that need supplies.

  • Notebooks and packages of filler paper that only have 2 pages used are still good for next year OR at least to be saved as back up for next year. (really, no one counts that there's 100 sheets in each package)

  • Half used packages of filler paper

  • Pencil boxes, plastic folders, rulers and protractors are generally in great shape with a strong wipe down by a Clorox wipe and also top rack dishwasher safe.

  • Any partial bottles of hand sanitizer and glue coming back can be topped off and ready to go again for next year (especially if you have multiple children -- 1 bottle of hand sanitizer or glue for all 2, 3, or 4 instead of paying for 2, 3 or 4 new)

  • Even check the pens, crayons and markers, particularly with multiple children.... sometimes you still have a whole set.

  • And those backpacks... unless they're torn or ripped, take out any preformed vinyl wrapped bottoms, give a good spray of Shout and run them through the washing machine, air dry and ready to go. If your kids aren't happy with the idea of getting a NEW one for the NEW school year, make it a summer craft project to personalize and change up the one they have with fabric paints, Cricut iron on vinyl, patches and even a project to learn some common embroidery stitches for designs.

Our kids are taught in school to Upcycle and Recycle and this is a great way to practice it AND save some money!

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